Nexus specializes in the design, engineering, integration and installation of custom electronic systems for a wide range of commercial, residential and public sector projects.

Nexus partners with organizations of all sizes to provide our customers with seamless and secure technology solutions that promote collaboration and improve business competitiveness; we focus on providing our customers affordable, leading technology that delivers a proficient, reliable experience and boosts productivity in communication. including huddle rooms, conference rooms, auditoriums and training facilities.

Our diverse product range spans hundreds of items in the following service categories

Audio Visual

Ο  Office & home automation
Ο  Board/Conference rooms automation
Ο  Audio/Video conferencing suites
Ο  Auditorium solution
Ο  Smart classrooms & training rooms
Ο  Public area & theme park solution
Ο  Professional sound engineering
Ο  Display & projection systems
Ο  Lighting & dimming controls
Ο  Ambient music
Ο  Public-address systems

IT Infrastructure

Ο  Telephony & networking
Ο  Parking management system


Ο  Control room solutions
Ο  CCTV systems
Ο  Sensor & alarm system
Ο  Access control
Ο  Surveillance analytics


Comprehensive enterprise solutions for government and security service applications.

Nexus delivers efficiency, convenience and security to governmental authorities as well as private security agencies.

Ο  Video conferencing
Ο  Boardroom and chief office technology
Ο  Digital signage
Ο  Conference, voting & translation systems (as in government)
Ο  Auditoriums (as used in education & government)
Ο  Converged networks & telephone


To enhance the learning experience, education and training institutions are increasingly embracing A/V solutions in the classroom to improve student achievement.

Endless possibilities to maximize interaction and improve achievements.

Nexus works with customers to promote tools for managing content applications such as interactive webcasts, lectures and rich media.

We provide the right, affordable solutions to stream, record, archive, customize, search & analyze.

Ο  Interactive boards
Ο  A/V conferencing solutions
Ο  Translation systems
Ο  Class recording systems
Ο  High end 3D visualization
Ο  Lecture & lab theatre systems
Ο  Digital signage


Nexus works with hospitality and healthcare customers to improve and ultimately deliver the best guest and patient experience respectively.


Hospitality solutions are available for optimal property management (engineering and maintenance) to daily operations management (reception, rooms, laundry, concierge, F&B outlets, events, housekeeping) – in order to constantly improve the guest experience.

Ο  Interactive TV systems
Ο  A/V systems for ballrooms, sound & video for events
Ο  Guest room energy & atmosphere management
Ο  Ambient sound for restaurants & lobbies
Ο  Digital signage & infotainment displays
Ο  Pre-wire broadcasting systems
Ο  Surveillance systems for security & investigations
Ο  Access control to manage room access & other areas


Healthcare experience is being transformed by significant improvement in the management and exchange of medical information. Tele-medicine is becoming integrated into ongoing operations of hospitals, specialty departments and private clinics.

Communication technologies now enable face-to-face interaction between doctors & patients separated by distance, the exchange of medical information and even live broadcasting of surgeries.

Ο  Patient entertainment
Ο  Digital signage
Ο  Telephony & networks

Ο  Security systems
Ο  Data management


Broad range of technologies that enable entertainment facilities such as stadiums, movie theaters, museums, malls, concert halls, parks to come to life.

Technology applications in the entertainment sector are endless.

From video displays, to laser projections, to audio and lighting systems.

Nexus is experienced with large-scale A/V quality complexities in entertainment venues & puts this knowledge to work for our customers.

Ο  Quality audio across venue
Ο  Hi resolution video displays
Ο  Digital signage for advertisements
Ο  Balanced & attractive lighting
Ο  Video surveillance & knock room


Broad range of technologies that enable entertainment facilities such as stadiums, movie theaters, museums, malls, concert halls, parks to come to life.

Improve the overall use, visibility and efficiency of your transportation facility.

Consolidate parking availability across multiple locations, manage railway traffic, publish the live status of trips and parking spaces, offer reservations, sell ads and a lot more.

Ο  Digital signage, advertising & broadcasting
Ο  Surveillance, monitor with video analytics
Ο  Parking management systems
Ο  Large format LED displays


Broad range of technologies that enable entertainment facilities such as stadiums, movie theaters, museums, malls, concert halls, parks to come to life.


Ο  Home automation
Ο  Customized cinema rooms
Ο  Lighting controls
Ο  Multi-zone audio
Ο  Security systems
Ο  IP intercoms and IP phones

Ο  Retail & public areas
Ο  Ambient music & sound reinforcement
Ο  Large format LED displays
Ο  Digital signage & information kiosks
Ο  Video surveillance with analytics
Ο  Converged network

Modern Communities

Ο  Audio/Video calls & chat
Ο  Security, access control & surveillance
Ο  Energy management to meet your targets
Ο  Entertainment, play video & music throughout the home
Ο  Home management, interface with facility managers & utility companies
Ο  Home tasking to control lights, curtains, HVAC, etc
Ο  Community portal to share activity schedules & other points of interest
Ο  Parking & security management
Ο  Air purification & health clinic interfaces for optimal well-being

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